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Post  Emperor Wildman on Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:03 am

Youngling-A beginer in the republic. promoted only when chose by superior to become student.

Padawan-A trainie, a student of a higher member. Promoted by their teacher when proven to be ready.

Warrior-The basic soldier of the republic. Promoted when they have shown skill, loyalty, and valor in combat.

Knight-Comanders of the republic army. Promoted when a high level of leadership is obtained. A knight must instill courage in his men and fear in his enimies.

Master/Lord-The elite of the elite. The exact tiltle is dependent on the persons prefrence. Promoted only after shown mastery of their skills acompanied by true leadership abilities.

Grand Master-The hands and voice of the council. Can no longer be promoted exept if chosen by a council member to suceed them.

Council Member- The leaders of the republic.
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