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The council of the republic Empty The council of the republic

Post  Emperor Wildman on Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:32 am

The job of the council is to provide fair and just leadrership for the republic. There are 7 members of the republic council who divide duties acordingly. These members will only change when a member steps down. The chain of power is as follows.

Foreign Relations Officer- Serves as a diplomat to other teams.
Recruitment Officer- In charge of the republics recruitment efforts.
Record Keeper- Keeps track of the Book of the Republic.
Advancement Adviser- Charged with the task of overseeing the advancement of member.
Military Tactician- Keeps track of and develops tactics for use by the republic.
Regent- The second in command of the republic, assistant to emperor and assumes comand in the absence of the emperor.
Emperor- Leader of the republic, makes final decisions involving the republic and manages the forum.

When a member steps down the next in line steps up and so on and a new foreign relations officer is chosen.
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