Rules and the Code of Honor

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Rules and the Code of Honor Empty Rules and the Code of Honor

Post  Emperor Wildman on Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:39 am

1) Never allow anyone to convince you you’re not good enough.
2) The airsoft order is to be defended against all threats by all members.
3) No one person can lead the order, only a council of seven elite soldiers.
4) Your rank can not be given only earned through a series of battles putting your skills to the test.
5) Always respect your brothers whether they out rank you or you them.
6) Follow the code of honor to keep our order safe and fun.
7) All decisions can be brought up to the council for reconsideration.
8) Respect other member's equipment.
9) The Emperors decision can be overruled by a majority vote by the other council members.
Code of Honor
1) Never remove your safety glasses.
2) If hit call yourself out.
3) Don’t start a fight just because you are hit.
4) If you hit someone and they don’t call themselves out don’t get upset just talk to them about it.
(when adrenalin is going you sometimes don’t notice that you were hit, so they may not have noticed)
5) Obey your superiors orders.
6) Never do anything to endanger yourself or your brothers.
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