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Soldier Classes Empty Soldier Classes

Post  Emperor Wildman on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:49 am

The classes of the republic and there description are as follows.

Rifleman-Basic soldier equipped with rifles, and are able to do many different task.
Sniper Recon-Snipers trained in stealth, equipped with long range weapons.
Heavy Weapons Expert-Soldiers with large weapons such as the S.A.W., good for defending important locations.
Field Medics-Can bring a player back to the battle if gotten to in time.
Close Quarter Specialist-utilize knives and shotguns to fight in tight spaces.


Elite Soldier-Soldiers skilled in multiple classes.
Super Soldier-Skilled in all classes. The best of the best.
Special Operations Expert-Unique soldier that are masters of there field and assigned to a small group for special missions.
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